Vivero gets the band playing

Third corrida de toros. Thursday, March 15.

Toros from Fuente Ymbro, founded in 1996 and probably the most successful branch of the Domecq (Jandilla) bloodline. Color of its divisa: Green and its distinctive brand, the cross covered Gallardo G.

Matadores: Juan Bautista (born Jean Baptiste Jalabert in Nimes, the taurine capital of France. Alternativa: Nimes 1999 ) with two young matadors: Sevillian Daniel Luque and José Garrido, from Badajóz. Bautista is a matador whose style I would not describe as spectacular. In my view southerners Luque and Garrido are the ones to watch. Luque took his alternativa in 2007. Tomas Garrido won the prestigious Final of the Certamen Internacional in Malaga in 2012 and took his alternativa in 2015. Both showed great promise at the beginning of their careers but have now come to a point where it is vital to triumph. As the Spaniard says: “Ojala”.

No news yet on who is to take Román’s place on Monday

Gallardo’s bulls were a disgrace. All were weak and either lost their footing or stumbled or rolled over. If I follow my notes, the first animal weighed almost six hundred kilos, looked like those bisons you can see in the caves of Altamira and lost its feet as soon as it entered the bullring. It stumbled during the tercio de varas, it stumbled through the second tercio and it stumbled through Bautista’s faena who could do nothing with it.

Bull number two came into the ring and charged at almost everything that moved but recovered in time to allow Luque some excellent series of right hand passes which were followed by an even better series of left handed naturales.

José Garrido received bull number three with a couple of light house passes on his knees, the picador then used the bull for pin cushion practice after which the bull hobbled through the second tercio. Some nice series of muletazos got the public’s attention but it went back to discussing the day’s events when Garrido’s sword hit bone and his second attempt went in the bull’s ribs.

During the lidia of bull number four nobody noticed anything special but the setting of the sun which threw a golden light over the arena while clouds gathered for tomorrow’s assembly. Meanwhile, on the sand, a french bullfighter was trying to stay away from the horns of a dangerous animal that could easily kill him with one shake of the head.

Bull number five allowed Luque two series of muletazos after which he pushed the sword in, in an excellent estocada.

Out came number six, a light red brown bull called Vivero who weighed a mere 515 kilos, a novillo compared to the three-year-olds that weighed like bulls who came out two evenings ago. Although he too stumbled at the first encounter, Vivero got himself together and woke the public from its slumber. He happily charged the muleta from a distance, stuck his horns in and followed the cloth. Charge after charge, series after series, in right-handed derechazos and left-handed naturales. Finally, after two hours of indifference, after two hours of boredom, the music played for Garrido. His fine toreo got the public to its feet, waving handkerchiefs, newspapers, programmes and anything else they could get their hands on to peticion the ear. Vivero had saved the evening.

For those of you who like to know the details. Bautista wore indigo and gold, Luque’s suit was bottle green, while Garrido’s suit of lights was black and gold on a lovely spring evening.

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