Novillada with pics, saturday May 12 at the coso de Monleón, Valencia.

Novillos from Gómez de Morales, new to this bullring, for the novilleros Christian Climent, Jorge Isiegas and Carlos Ochoa. Gómez de Morales is a ganaderia that was established in 1999 and originally started out as a branch of the renowned Perez Tabernero family from Salamanca. However, in 2005 the Santa Colomas of don Alipio were exchanged for bulls with Atanasio Fernandez blood which in 2010, sadly, made way for the more commercial Juan Pedro Domecq bloodline.

Twenty-five-year old Climent is already a veteran to this arena. In 2012 he took part in a novillada sin picadores, debuted with horses the following year and since then has been part of Valencia’s mundillo. He has appeared in its arena at least once a year but doesn’t seem to be willing, able or otherwise to take his alternativa. Cristian Climent (from El Puig) was once managed by Vicente Ruiz El Soro who taught him to kneel in front of the toril, how to place his banderillas and perform other taurine dellicacies.

Jorge Isiegas is a madrileñan novillero who had the opportunity to prove himself in Valencia two years ago in a novillada with Los Maños novillos. When Jesús Chover as well as Angel Sanchez couldn’t continue because of injury, he had to take care of four novillos. To the surprise of everyone (himself included) he cut one ear and went home a very happy novillero. In the meantime he presented himself twice to his home crowd during this year’s novilladas, preliminary to San Isidro.


The third novillero, Carlos Ochoa, came to Valencia exactly one year ago, on Saturday May 13, for a novillada with Sanchez Herrero bulls. Although not a friday or a tuesday, this 13th day of May was unlucky for young Ochoa who heard three avisos after his first novillo and at the end of the evening left the ring desillusioned, only to return twelve months later. Let’s hope he redeems himself.


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