Novillos but no novilleros.

Sunday, October 7, 2018, novillada picada, Valencia.

Novillos from Los Maños, of pure Santa Coloma heritage. Aviador, Tostadino, Quejoso, Cupletero, Lorenzo (the name should be banned forever as it was a Los Mano’s Lorenzo that killed Victor Barrio) and Bonito. Excellently presented, bravos and noble. Every novillo came out of the toril gate like shot from a canon. Too clever, too strong, too complicated and far too generous for Jesús Chover (black and gold), Borja Alvarez (claret and gold) and Cristian Climent (blue and gold). A windy afternoon with spring temperatures in October.

Jesús Chover received his first bull a porta gayola and placed his own banderillas, constantly sought confirmation from the public, but never recognized the quality of his opponents. Both novillos allowed him a series of right hand passes, his second bull even gave him one of his ears as a trophy after a solid estocada. The two bulls were applauded when they were pulled from the arena.
Chover dedicated his second novillo to his apoderado Vicente Ruiz El Soro who, after weeks of being hospitalized with a very serious infection to his leg, attended the novillada from one of the terraces.
¡Animo maestro!

The first opponent for Borja Alvarez charged the picador from well beyond the centre of the arena but lost some quality when he charged the muleta. A pinchazo, an estocada and an aviso ended his life. Borja’s second animal allowed him a series of right hand passes and was killed with a string of pinchazos and, finally, an estocada.

Cristian Climent, a former protegé of El Soro, decided some time ago that he would become a serious bullfighter, an excellent decision. He left the placing of banderillas to Raul  Martí. His first novillo only permitted passes to the left horn and was accidentally killed with a metisaca (look it up in Cossio). The last novillo of the evening, a beautiful grey and black spotted animal, also charged the horse from a distance. Again, Raul Marti was applauded for placing the banderillas, but the animal was too strong, for the novillero to even start a faena.

In short, an evening with an excellent string of novillos from Los Maños but with three incapable  novilleros.

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