David Mora and Economista

Corrida de toros, March 14. Second corrida in the Fallas series.

Five bulls from Alcurrucen (and one #5 from Ventorillo). The only ganaderia of the feria based on non-Domecq blood. Founded in 1950 by Francisco Ramírez Bernaldo de Quirós and bought by the Lozano brothers seventeen years later, it is now based on Carlos Nuñez cattle.

Its colors are sky blue and black.

Matadores: David Mora (Madrid in 1981). Fluorescent green and gold. Mora took his alternativa in 2006 in Borox (Toledo) with Alcurrucen bulls and with Enrique Ponce as his padrino.

Alvaro Lorenzo, an upcoming young matador (Toledo, 1995; alternativa: Nimes, May 2016) in a pastel-blue suit with gold.

Luis David Adame, (Aguascaliente, Mexico 1998; alternativa in Nimes, August 2016) younger brother of Joselito Adame who wore an indigo blue suit and gold. Luis David got seriously injured in Olivenza earlier this year but has recovered enough to appear this evening.

The sky threatened with rain but cleared up nicely.

The Lozano bulls were well presented had a general weight of 535 kilo’s but all but one lacked stamina for three tercios. Number three gave up all together and ended up defending himself.

Mora’s castillian style of toreo is a very technical, an almost cold style which hardly leaves room for deeper emotions. It fitted well with his first bull. Although the animal stumbled after the first pic and stumbled in the first few passes of the faena, it responded well to the Mora’s muleta who moved it with some sweeping right-handers. The lack of stamina showed in the last series of the faena when the matador almost literally had to guide the bull through the passes. The sword hit bone, a second attempt got the animal down and the matador came out to salute the crowd.

With the fourth bull of the evening, the formidable five-year-old Economista with 560 kilos on his bones, it looked as if the boredom of the evening had passed. Everyone wanted to try out this bull. Mora’s capework got the applause of the public and Alvaro Lorenzo stepped in for a set of veronicas. Two good charges to the horse followed and an exceptional pair of banderillas by Angel Otero, got the bull prepared for the last act. We were expecting too much. Or maybe I was expecting too much. I found Mora’s faena rather disappointing even though he passed him in fine sweeping passes, his passes were too fast, it lacked temple and his pases de pecho lacked depth, or, as the Spaniard says, faltó profundidad. No doubt the faena was executed in a technically fine fashion, however, it lacked the emotion it should have had. It lacked that little extra that could have given the matador two ears instead of one and would have opened the Puetra Grande. The fact that the sword went in sideways in a terrible bajonazo didn’t help either but this didn’t stop the public to demand the ear, which Mora got and carried it in triumph around the arena. But wouldn’t it have been wonderful if a matador with a bit more artistic flair had been opposite Economista. At the end of the week he would certainly have been voted best bull of the feria.

During this first confrontation with his first bull, the second of the evening (Amoroso by name and weighing 535 kilos) it must be said that Alvaro Lorenzo showed he was capable of beautiful things, especially in a  series of muletazos. But the bull was reluctant, bewildered and very complicated in his charges. A low sword got him down and Lorenzo heard an aviso.The fifth of the evening was the Ventorillo bull. Distracted from the moment he came out and insecure while charging the picadors horse. Still, I should mention how the bull followed Alvaro’s muleta in a beautiful series of naturales. The sword in the ribs was defective but resulted in knringing down the bull. Alvaro Lorenzo’s evening in Valencia passed with little glory.

Luis David Adame had the worst opponent in Cigarrero, his first and our third bull. As soon as he came in it showed his reluctance to torear and sought refuge against the wooden fence. It didn’t charge at all and kept defending itself. He was sent to the slaughterhouse with a sword in his ribs.

The last bull of the evening received the applause of the public for his exceptional physique. Like Mora’s second, it was a dark brown tank of a bull who weighed 590 kilos, called Fogonazos. But Fogonazos wasn’t Economista and lost his energy in the second half of the faena.

But the middle of the Adame brothers had earlier presented us with a quite of Orticinas and a dedication to maestro Vicente Ruiz El Soro, who celebrates his 36th anniversary this Fallas. A pinchazo touched bone but the estocada should be ranked as one of the finest of the feria.

The corrida ended at 19.30.

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