Alternativa de El Soro II

The six good looking bulls came from the grazing fields of the Antonio Arribas ranch and were probably handpicked. His brother Vicente agreed to be his sponsor, the other, Jaime, would be his picador. José Miguel Arroyo Joselito replaced the young Litri (an old injury made it impossible for him to attend) and Federíco Navalón El Jaro, one of the best silver toreros at the time, took care of the banderillas on the ceremonial bull. This alternativa should have taken place four months earlier – it was suspended due to five days of uninterrupted rainfall – but this evening everything was again set for the best arranged promotion ever.

The first Arribas-bull entered and charged and Antonio Soro II caught him in his cape and turned him with a magnificent Veronica. But the animal hobbled, fell over and was sent back. Who would have imagined that the Antonio Arribas bulls, who had been so carefully selected, would not cooperate. That’s when Remero came out. He wasn’t expected to be there. They had bought him from the Peralta brothers as a reserve, in case one of the regular bulls was rejected. This afternoon Remero saved the day.

At the start of the ceremony his brother Vicente smiled and told him that from now on his life would change forever. Then the two solemnly exchanged the ceremonial cape and sword.

After an emotional dedication to his father and dressed in his sparkling new white and silver suit – bought for him by the members of his Peña Feminina – Soro II led the bull to the centre of the ring. He did so with muleta passes that no-one had ever seen him do before. The newly promoted matador seemed to be inspired by an invisible force. Remero obeyed every challenge and in the following minutes a miracle unfolded.

When the moment of truth arrived, Antonio lined his animal up, the bull charged and as he lunged forward, the matador slid the sword in. Remero fell dead to the ground. The crowd went wild and waved everything it could find, demanding two ears for the new matador. Antonio danced around the ring with tears running down his face.

His dream had come true. And not just his dream, it was our dream. It was about how every once in a while we all need a bit of support. Against all odds. With a gift from Peralta.

Crónica de Pieter Hildering

Fotografia de Mateo.Tauroimagenplus