Victory for Tellez in a cold novillada.

March 11, first novillada with pics of Fallas Feria 2019. Novillos from Guadajira from Badajoz.

A quarter of plaza filled.

For: Juan Cervera, former student of the Valencia School of Tauromachy. Contemporary of Román and Jesús Chover. Born in Valencia, October 6 1992. Debut picadores: 9 March 2010 in Castellon. Debut in Sevilla: 16 May 2010, Angel Téllez Gómez-Marcot. Born on June 6 1998 in Madrid, a former student of the El Juli School of Bullfighting. Debut with picadores: 27 May, 2017, Puerto de Santa Maria and Francisco de Manuel. Born: June 5, 2000 Madrid. Debut with picadores: 27 August 2000 in Collado Mediano (Madrid).


Cervera wore a classical ‘grana y oro’ suit, as did Francisco de Manuel, although some may think the red in the color of his suit was ‘fuchsia or maybe magenta. Angel Tellez wore a ‘purisima’ and gold suit, the blue used by Titian in his portrait of the Mother and Child.


First bull. ‘Casiempuja’, 475 kilos who protested at the cape of an aspiring young man, not born to be a bullfighter. It was too much of a bull for the novilllero without control over the complicated animal.

Second bull. ‘Loquillo’. 495 kilos. A novillo that quieted down after running round the arena and encountering both picadores. A series of Veronicas by De Manuel followed by Gaoneras by Tellez. Fine faena by the Madrileñan Tellez with a cooperating bull. Although there was a petition from the crowd, the president did not concede the ear.

Bull 3. I don’t remember his name nor his weight but I remember Francisco de Manuel placing his own banderillas after a dedication to the valiant Vicente Ruiz El Soro. The faena is a blur as I stopped taking notes. It probably had some nice right- and left hand passes but, as was the case throughout the evening, the novillero needed too many atttempts with his sword to get the bull down.

Bulls 4, 5 and 6 were novillos by age but bulls by weight. #4 weighed 501 kilos and #six, 520 kilos! Number 5 was somewhere in between. This was that bull Tellez cut the only ear of the evening from.

Although it had been a pleasant day, the evening became cold, inside and outside of the plaza, but I should mention some excellent work of the banderilleros, especially that of Valencian Raul Marti in Cervera’s cuadrilla.

A cold, and indifferent evening.

Cronica de Pieter Hilderting

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