Valencia, novillada sin picadores, October 6, 2018.

Novillos from Lopez Gibaja, a ganaderia formed 25 years ago with Carlos Nuñez lineage, butnow use seedbulls from Toros de El Torero. In general well presented. Some gave the novilleros the chance to shine, others lacked strength or were too much to handle.

For Diego Garcia (tauromaquia school of Colmenar Viejo), Yon Lamothe (-Bayonne), Jordi Pérez (-Valencia), Miguel Polope (-Valencia), Juan José Villa ‘Villita’ (-Madrid) and Fran de Vane (-Albacete). A fine summer evening in October with half the plaza filled.

First novillo: #48, Uncidor. Weak, uninterested. Stumbled through the faena. For Diego Garcia (grass green and gold) who gave us some details in the faena but killed with a vertical sword and still walked a lap of honor, after a minor petition.

Second novillo: #1, Ultimobaile. Ugly horns, weak, falls over several times in banderillas, for Yon Lamothe a very tall and thin young Frenchman (purple and gold) who also killed with a vertical sword and needed several attempts with the descabello. Aviso. Silence.

Third novillo: #23, Sembrado. Uninterested at first, but a strong willed bravo animal, excellent in a fine quite by Miguel Polope, for Jordi Pérez (faded light blue and gold suit). Great faena with low passes on both sides, with the novillero completely in charge. Good estocada. Petition for two ears but Is awarded one ear and walks the ring in a triumphant lap of honor. Applause for the bull.

Fourth novillo: #19, Rubi. Strong bull, well prepared by the cuadrilla. Especially Raúl Blazquez with the capote de brega during banderillas. Excellent novillo, bravo and noble, for Miguel Polope (white and gold). Slow veronicas, great faena though the bull does not go for passes over the left horn. Estocada and a two ear petition. Polope is awarded one ear and takes a lap of honor. Applause for the bull.

Fifth novillo: #33, Bailarin. Another powerful novillo, for Juan José Villa ‘Villita’ (cream and gold). Too strong for an inexperienced novillero who could not keep the animal interested in his capote and muleta.

Sixth novillo:#27, Orugito. Excellent novillo but very badly prepared by the cuadrilla and difficult to handle, for Fran de Vane (white and gold), who tried to force the animal to follow in his passes but had great difficulty to keep the bull’s attention fixed on his cape or muleta. Very good series of passes with the right hand. Fran walked a lap of honor after an estocada.


Cronica Pieter Hildering

Fotografias de Mateo. Tauroimagenplus