Valencia, Fallas and Victorinos

March 10, first corrida of Fallas Feria  2019. Bulls from the legendary Victorino Martin for:
Name: Rafael Rubio Lujan; called: Rafaelillo. Born: 6 July 1979, Murcia, Debut: 26 February 1995, Nimes (Fr). Alternativa: 14 September 1996, Murcia, bulls: Salvador Domecq, Padrino: Enrique Ponce, Testigo: Francisco Rivera Ordoñez. Confirmation Las Ventas: 27 Julio 2003, Bulls: Jaral de la Mira, Padrino: Alberto Ramirez, Testigo: López Chavez.
Name: Octavio Chacón Garrido, Born: 3 June 1984, Prado del Rey (Cadiz), Debut: 14 January 2001, Algeciras, Alternativa: 28 February 2004, Confirmation Las Ventas: 19 Agosto 2012
Name: Jonathan Blázquez Rovira, Called: Varea, Born: 19 November 1993, Almazora (Cast), Debut: 24 March 2014, Castellón. Alternativa: 15 April 2016, Nimes, Bulls : Juan Pedro Domecq, Padrino: Jose Maria Manzanáres,Testigo: Alberto López Simón. Confirmation Las Ventas: 2 June 2017, Bulls: Garcigrande/Domingo Hernández, Padrino: Enrique Ponce, Testigo: David Mora
Rafaelillo wore a turquoise suit of lights, trimmed with gold, Octavio Chacón’s suit was a sand color with gold trimmings and Varea wore an ivory colored suit with gold.
The six excellently presented Victorinos were: 1. Portentoso a typical light grey bull of 542 kilos;. 2. Bordón also light grey, 498 kilos, a slight bull almost ‘anovillado’; Cuco, 536 kilos; 4, Paquito, another light grey, with 494 kilo’s; 5. Placentino (who should have come in in sixth place but because of Chacon’s injury jumped the queue) a dark grey bull with 538 kilos and 6, Murmullo a grey bull of 486 kilos. All were typically Albaserrada type bulls, with small heads and outspoken horns. Four were applauded when they entered the ring, all received two pics, most of them charged the horse from a distance.
Artistic result:
First bull for Rafaelillo. Excellent series of muletazos on both sides, faena loses impact and the Murciano kills with a half-sword, gets two warnings from the presidente and brings the bull down with a descabello. Silence from the crowd.
Bul #2 Good capework from Chacón, on the second bull. The matador is gravely gored in the groin area but continues faena even though his breeches color red with blood. His sword goes in slightly to the side but he is awarded an ear for persistance and walks to the infirmary.
Bull #3 Varea shows a series of good right hand passes and some more details. His sword goes in badly and he has to use several descabellos to bring the bull down. ‘Saludos desde el tercio’.
Fourth bull: Rafaelillo receives the applause from the public and salutes from the sand.
Bull #5 (bull #6 brought forward as Chacon is still being treated in the infirmary) for Varea. Good capework by the matador and an outstanding cuadrilla that prepared the bull for the faena.) Fine passes by the young matador with a complicated bull. No sword, an aviso and applause for the bull. ‘Saludos desde el tercio’ for the matador.
Bull number 6. Chacón has re-emerged from the infirmary with a patched up groin and a patched up suit and starts his faena with some excellent passes on the right, as well as on the left horn. A bad sword loses him the trophy and the Puerta Grande.
I enjoyed myself on a lovely spring evening among friends.
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