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Details of a novillada

Details of a novillada March 13, second novillada with pics. Novillos from El Freixo, who graze in the province of Badajoz. A ganaderia owned by Julian Lopez El Juli, with a recent bloodline of Garcigrande and Daniel Ruiz cattle. Divisa old gold and sky blue. For the novilleros Antonio Catalán Palazón ‘Toñete’ (Madrid, 03.02.1997) who debuted with picadors in Zaragoza on April 23, 2016. 21-year-old Jorge Rico Olcina from Alicante and Marcos (Pérez) a novillero from the Cuenca school of tauromachy who gave up toreo for a while but returned to the bullring in 2017. The sun was out, the sky was blue. Rain is expected tomorrow… Prologue. I may have been a bit hasty. Jesus Chover, who went out on shoulders after yesterday’s novillada, should enjoy a long and rich career in bullfighting. To quote the 70-year-old matador Carlos Escolar Martin: “Retire? I will never retire, at least not voluntarily.” There is now a strong rumor that the injured Roman’s place on the 19th will be filled by Jesus Chover, to take his alternativa. And why not? Prologue #2. Toñete was in ‘blood’ and gold or, as DCI Helen Jones would say: Claret and gold. Jorge Rico wore a white and silver suit and Marcos came out in bottle green and gold. Expectation were high for this novillada. At the morning sorteo, the novillos looked big, fat and...

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Rompelunas opens Fallas.

Rompelunas opens Fallas. Saturday 10 March at 17.00. Novillada without picadores. Heavy rain with thunder and lightining during the first three bulls. Large puddles on the floor made it difficult and dangerous for the toreros to perform. Glorious golden sunlight with a double rainbow in the second half. Two-year-olds from Nazario Ibañez, four reds and two blacks. Well presented but unequal in weight and horns. (As is ususal with novilladas sin picadores, no weight was posted). Last four well proportioned, well horned. Best bull of the evening number six, Empacho. The beginning of the Fallas cycle for the students of the bullfighting schools José Antonio Valencia, a Venezuelan from the escuela de Arles (F), the Mexican Arturo Gilio and Borja Collado an alumno of the escuela de Valencia. 1. Rompelunas, colorado. Slightly distracted but concentrated during the faena de muleta. For José Antonio Valencia The young Venezuelan, attached to the Arles school of Tauromaquia is a novillero-banderillero but no doubt the condition of the sand hindered his performance. Still very much a student of bullfighting, his handling of the muleta is very limited. The estocada got four handkerchiefs waving after which he came out and saluted the crowd. 2. Barbapavido, colorado, also distracted at first but fine during the faena. For Arturo Grilio Still heavy rain which didn’t stop all three going down on their knees during their quites:...

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David Mora and Economista

David Mora and Economista Corrida de toros, March 14. Second corrida in the Fallas series. Five bulls from Alcurrucen (and one #5 from Ventorillo). The only ganaderia of the feria based on non-Domecq blood. Founded in 1950 by Francisco Ramírez Bernaldo de Quirós and bought by the Lozano brothers seventeen years later, it is now based on Carlos Nuñez cattle. Its colors are sky blue and black. Matadores: David Mora (Madrid in 1981). Fluorescent green and gold. Mora took his alternativa in 2006 in Borox (Toledo) with Alcurrucen bulls and with Enrique Ponce as his padrino. Alvaro Lorenzo, an upcoming young matador (Toledo, 1995; alternativa: Nimes, May 2016) in a pastel-blue suit with gold. Luis David Adame, (Aguascaliente, Mexico 1998; alternativa in Nimes, August 2016) younger brother of Joselito Adame who wore an indigo blue suit and gold. Luis David got seriously injured in Olivenza earlier this year but has recovered enough to appear this evening. The sky threatened with rain but cleared up nicely. The Lozano bulls were well presented had a general weight of 535 kilo’s but all but one lacked stamina for three tercios. Number three gave up all together and ended up defending himself. Mora’s castillian style of toreo is a very technical, an almost cold style which hardly leaves room for deeper emotions. It fitted well with his first bull. Although the animal stumbled...

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Jesus Chover triumphs in Valencia ( spain )

Jesus Chover triumphs in Valencia Monday 12 March at 17.00. Novillada with picadores. Six black novillos from Fernando Peña from the province of Toledo. Divisa: sky blue and yellow. Not very strong, except for the first and fourth novillo. For the local novillero Jesus Chover, reappearing after his serious injury in this bullring in July 2017 (dark blue suit of lights with gold), Alejandro Gardel born in Madrid in 1998 (unrelated to the argentine king of tango and in a bone-white and gold suit) and Angel Téllez (bottle green and gold), a former pupil of the Escuela Taurina El Juli, who surprisingly triumphed in the Valencian plaza in October last year. Daytime weather was sunny, with strong wind blowing in from the Mediterranean which died down the moment the novillada started. If it hadn’t been for Engañoso, the first novillo for Jesus Chover or Fumador who came in in 4th place and if it hadn’t been for the support the Valencian public gave its local son, it would have been a dire evening.The 28-year-old local novillero who was badly injured in July 2017 by a Los Maños novillo that almost took his left arm, returned to the arena with confidence brimming. His two novillos were by far the best of the bunch. A 28-year-old novillero he may be, but under the guidance of Vicente Ruiz ‘El Soro’ he not...

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Padilla, on his goodbye tour around the bullrings,

  Padilla, on his goodbye tour around the bullrings, David Fandilla El Fandi and Roman Collado Roman. Weather: windy after showers but dry during the corrida. Juan Jose Padilla (Jerez de la Frontera, 1973) cut his first ear as a novillero in 1989 when he was known as El Panaderito, The Little Baker Boy. He took his alternativa in Algeciras in 1994 with Pedro Castillo as his padrino and bulls from Benitez Cubero. The next year Carlos Escolar ‘Frascuelo’ confirmed him in Madrid with a bull from the Marquis of Albaserrada. As far as I know he never went out on shoulders in Las Ventas but did so once in Sevilla. In 2011 he was injured very seriously in Zaragoza losing his left eye. After a miraculous recovery he came back in March 2012 and is since known as El Pirata, due to the eye patch he wears in the bullring. Last year Fallas Padilla was again seriously injured by a bull from Fuente Ymbro. Recently he announced he will definitely retire at the end of the 2018 season. We will especially remember the fearless way he confronted his bulls and the courage he had when he returned to the bullring after his horrendous injury. Once upon a time, not too long ago, every feria would have a special evening of toreros-bandrillereros who would share the glory, exchange banderillas,...

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