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Prologue novillada with pics saturday May 12 at the coso de Monleon , Valencia ( Spain )

Prologue Novillada with pics, saturday May 12 at the coso de Monleón, Valencia. Novillos from Gómez de Morales, new to this bullring, for the novilleros Christian Climent, Jorge Isiegas and Carlos Ochoa. Gómez de Morales is a ganaderia that was established in 1999 and originally started out as a branch of the renowned Perez Tabernero family from Salamanca. However, in 2005 the Santa Colomas of don Alipio were exchanged for bulls with Atanasio Fernandez blood which in 2010, sadly, made way for the more commercial Juan Pedro Domecq bloodline. Twenty-five-year old Climent is already a veteran to this arena. In 2012 he took part in a novillada sin picadores, debuted with horses the following year and since then has been part of Valencia’s mundillo. He has appeared in its arena at least once a year but doesn’t seem to be willing, able or otherwise to take his alternativa. Cristian Climent (from El Puig) was once managed by Vicente Ruiz El Soro who taught him to kneel in front of the toril, how to place his banderillas and perform other taurine dellicacies. Jorge Isiegas is a madrileñan novillero who had the opportunity to prove himself in Valencia two years ago in a novillada with Los Maños novillos. When Jesús Chover as well as Angel Sanchez couldn’t continue because of injury, he had to take care of four novillos. To the surprise...

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A sobrero from Parladé

A sobrero from Parladé The novillada sin picadores on March 10 saw six well presented Nazario Ibañez’ two-year-olds, although unequal in weight and horns. The local novillero Borja Collado surprised us with two good quality faenas which got him an ear of each of his opponents. The young Valencian was the first to leave through the Puerta Grande.  On the following evening Juan José Padilla said farewell to the Valencian afición but he failed to male an impact. Román had made it clear he is a young torero with great talent of improvisation and a remarkable presence in the arena. His performance was awarded with the ear of his first bull. He was injured in the estocada and didn’t come back. Padilla cut the ear of the sixth Jandilla bull that should have been toreared by the injured Román Collad ,El Fandi did not leave a lasting impression The first novillada with bulls from Fernando Peña made the Valencian novillero Jesus Chover the happiest torero in town. He got the best two bulls of the evening and although he should have been rewarded with the ear of his first novillo, he cut two from his second and went out through the Puerta Grande. It earned him the title ‘Novillero of the Feria’ The second novillada came from El Freixo, a ganaderia owned by El Juli. Even thought they looked...

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La Concha Flamenca

La Concha Flamen Corrida de toros, 19 March, last of Las Fallas. Valencia ( Spain ) The raIn, that had been threatening all afternoon, finally started to fall on the moment the clarine and the drum announced the last corrida of the Feria de las Fallas. Six bulls from Victoriano del Rio waited patiently in the holding pens of the bullring. For Antonio Ferrera, Ginés Marin and the recently promoted venezuelan matador Jesus Enrique Colombo, who got injured here in october last year but filled the place of Román who, earlier this week fell victim to a Jandilla bull and was unable to fulfill today’s engagement. Antonio Ferrera wore purisima and gold, Ginés Marin was dressed in light grey and gold and Colombo had chosen a white suit with gold embroidery. Weight off the bulls: 538, 532, 510, 535, 527 and 516 kilos. Only a third of the seats were covered, making it the worst attendance ever of a corrida on the 19th of March, Day of Saint Joseph, patron saint of Valencia. By the time the third bull came into the arena, the raIn was coming down so heavily that the floor was soaked and puddles started to appear on the sand everywhere. In general terms Victoriano del Rio’s bulls were good for the toreros, they all went for the muleta well although if one or two had been...

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Two legs not welcome

Two legs not welcome Corrida de rejones. Day of Saint Joseph, 19 March 2018, 11.30. Valencia  ( Spain ) Bulls from Femin Bohorquez, for Andy Cartagena (still recovering from a broken right arm) cut one ear and took a lap of honor. Sergio Galvan (one ear and two ears). The third was Lea Vicens, a French amazone, who took a lap of honor after her first performance and cut the two ears off her last bull. She and Sergio Galan went out on shoulders with the mayoral of the farm. The bullring was full but not sold out. Weather fine, clouded and sunny. Rain is expected for the corrida, later in the afternoon at five. There is another bull spectacle you can come across in a bullring. It is called ‘la corrida de rejones’, bullfighting on horseback. And although a corrida was originally performed by noblemen on horseback, this type of bullfight was only ‘re-introduced’ in the 1920’s by a formidable rider from Cordoba called Antonio Cañero. He combined his knowledge of dressage with the riding skill of farmhands when they drive bulls from their pastures or test young calves in the fields. It is now an extremely popular spectacle. Like a corrida on foot, a ‘corrida de rejones’ is divided into three parts: First, the horseman, who sometimes uses a long pole to attract its attention, tests the...

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Ponce and Lopez Simon go through the Main Gate

Ponce and Lopez Simon go through the Main Gate Corrida de toros, sunday March 18. Valencia ( Spain ) A line-up for every taste. First matador Enrique Ponce (after going out on shoulders last night) takes the place of Cayetano who is suffering from an injury to his left hand and cannot take part. Second place is for Miguel Angel Perera, a welcome guest to the Valencian ferias and a matador who has already shown his profesionalism in many ways. Specifically with the Fuente Ymbro bull ‘Harinero’ (Fallas 2006). Third matador Alberto López Simón is also of great interest to the Valencian afición. Like Perera in 2006, Lopez Simón spared the life of the last bull in the Fallas series of 2017, ‘Pasmoso’, from Domingo Hernandez, a 532 kilo colorado bull with the eyes of a partridge. The bulls today are from Juan Pedro Domecq, carrying the old Duke of Veragua’s colors red and white and his brand, the crowned shield with a V. Ponce in an ivory suit, Perera wore bottle green and Lopez Simon chose a pink suit of lights. All three with gold trimmings. Weights of the bulls: 531, 538 (rejected for falling over) first sobrero: 535 (rejected for falling over) 590, 536, 544 and 583 (second sobrero from Parlade). The wind blewduring the day but died down and it turned into a soft spring evening....

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