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Dia de la Tauromaquia

9 October 2018, Festival. Dia de la Tauromaquia, partly in aid of juvenile cancer research, in memory of Adrián Plaza almost sold out. Bulls of different ages (in between October 2013 and July 2015) for: rejoneador Fermín Bohórquez (Fermín Bohórquez), Enrique Ponce (Daniel Ruiz), El Juli (Garcigrande), José María Manzanares (Núñez del Cuvillo), Román Collado (Juan Pedro Domecq), Alvaro Lorenzo (Daniel Ruiz) and novillero Borja Collado (Fuente Ymbro). It started at 6 pm. and finished at 9 pm. Rain The refined, classic rejoneo by Fermin Bohorquez, who opened the festival, was a breath of fresh air compared to the...

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Novillos but no novilleros.

Novillos but no novilleros. Sunday, October 7, 2018, novillada picada, Valencia. Novillos from Los Maños, of pure Santa Coloma heritage. Aviador, Tostadino, Quejoso, Cupletero, Lorenzo (the name should be banned forever as it was a Los Mano’s Lorenzo that killed Victor Barrio) and Bonito. Excellently presented, bravos and noble. Every novillo came out of the toril gate like shot from a canon. Too clever, too strong, too complicated and far too generous for Jesús Chover (black and gold), Borja Alvarez (claret and gold) and Cristian Climent (blue and gold). A windy afternoon with spring temperatures in October. Jesús Chover...

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Valencia, novillada sin picadores, October 6, 2018.

Valencia, novillada sin picadores, October 6, 2018. Novillos from Lopez Gibaja, a ganaderia formed 25 years ago with Carlos Nuñez lineage, butnow use seedbulls from Toros de El Torero. In general well presented. Some gave the novilleros the chance to shine, others lacked strength or were too much to handle. For Diego Garcia (tauromaquia school of Colmenar Viejo), Yon Lamothe (-Bayonne), Jordi Pérez (-Valencia), Miguel Polope (-Valencia), Juan José Villa ‘Villita’ (-Madrid) and Fran de Vane (-Albacete). A fine summer evening in October with half the plaza filled. First novillo: #48, Uncidor. Weak, uninterested. Stumbled through the faena. For...

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Albacete, Cotolengo festival to honor Damaso.

Albacete, Cotolengo festival to honor Damaso. Plaza de toros of Albacete, Sunday, May 13. 6 p.m. Charity corrida in favor of La Institución Benéfica Sagrado Corazón de Jesús de Albacete, better known as Cotolengo, a foundation for people with special needs. The poster that celebrated this 29th edition was especially emotional. Not only was it the first time without Dámaso González, its patron for all these years, it was also Albacete’s homage to an exceptional paisano and most favourite son who died in 2017. The luxury line-up of participating matadors was the following: Enrique Ponce, Miguel Ángel Perera, El Juli, Cayetano Rivera, Paco Ureña and Rubén Pinar. With bulls from Samuel Flores’ mother, Daniel Ruiz, Pedro Moya ‘El Capea’, Javier Vázquez, El Torero, Encinagrande and an eral from Sonia González for the alumno of the local escuela José Fernando Molina. This edition could only be described as a truly royal performance. Albacete’s bullring is a delightful arena which seats about 7000. Maybe it is a bit uncomfortable but every member of the public has a wonderful view of the cream colored ring. I had never been here before and I recommend it to everyone who is in the neighborhood. The local feria is in September. Only, make sure you don’t sit contra-barrera Sol. The setting sun literally blinds you and if you don’t bring anything to shield your eyes, you...

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First class bullring, third class novillos.

First class bullring, third class novillos. Novillada with picadores. Saturday May 12, at the coso de Monleón, Valencia. Novillos from Gómez de Morales, new to this bullring, for the novilleros Christian Climent in blue and gold, Jorge Isiegas (night blue) and madrileñan Carlos Ochoa who was dressed in bright pink and gold. A warm evening and with half the plaza filled. Gómez de Morales’ ganaderia was established in 1999 and originally started out as a branch of the renowned Perez Tabernero family from Salamanca. However, in 2005 the Santa Colomas of don Alipio were exchanged for Atanasio Fernandez blood which in 2010, sadly, made way for the more commercial Juan Pedro Domecq bloodline. At the sorteo and subsequent enchiqueramiento, the novillos could best be described as nondescript black juanpedros, with a general weight of around 460 kilos and not exceptionally well armed (the only astifino animal went as a substitute…). That was at noon. At 9 p.m. when the last dead novillo left the arena, it had been the most boring, non-novillada I ever witnessed. Every drop of toro bravo blood was squashed out of these three-year olds. They either fell at the first touch of the picador’s steel or slid to their knees when the first banderilla was placed. These disgraceful animals should never have been brought to a first category plaza like Valencia’s. What we had to...

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