Jesus Chover triumphs in Valencia

Monday 12 March at 17.00. Novillada with picadores.

Six black novillos from Fernando Peña from the province of Toledo. Divisa: sky blue and yellow. Not very strong, except for the first and fourth novillo.

For the local novillero Jesus Chover, reappearing after his serious injury in this bullring in July 2017 (dark blue suit of lights with gold), Alejandro Gardel born in Madrid in 1998 (unrelated to the argentine king of tango and in a bone-white and gold suit) and Angel Téllez (bottle green and gold), a former pupil of the Escuela Taurina El Juli, who surprisingly triumphed in the Valencian plaza in October last year. Daytime weather was sunny, with strong wind blowing in from the Mediterranean which died down the moment the novillada started.

If it hadn’t been for Engañoso, the first novillo for Jesus Chover or Fumador who came in in 4th place and if it hadn’t been for the support the Valencian public gave its local son, it would have been a dire evening.The 28-year-old local novillero who was badly injured in July 2017 by a Los Maños novillo that almost took his left arm, returned to the arena with confidence brimming. His two novillos were by far the best of the bunch.

A 28-year-old novillero he may be, but under the guidance of Vicente Ruiz ‘El Soro’ he not only played the public but displayed enough skill to torear his two novillos.

Engañoso was an excellent opponent. Strong, ‘bravo’ and ‘noble’. Chover placed his own banderilas, toreared on his knees, passed him on the left as well as on the right and slid the sword in in a surprising estocada. The majority of the public asked for the ear but the president wouldn’t concede. Maybe because the faena went on too long and the novillero got knocked over in the process. Instead, Chover walked a triumphant lap of honour.

With Fumador, novillo #4, Jesus Chover continued to play the audience. Another porta gayola on his knees at ‘death’s door’, more banderillas in the style of his new mentor and a faena which had a surprising series of muletazos (standing up as well as on his knees) that delighted the public. His sword hit bone but the second attempt hit home and got the bull down. Another major petition for an ear but the president gave him two, probably because the he realized he had to make up for not conceding the ear after the first bull. While this was going on, the mules pulled the dead bull out of the bullring without giving the ‘constables’ an opportunity to cut his ears. They sent someone out to get them. Jesus Chover was over the moon!

Let’ s recapulate. Jesus Chover is a 28-year-old novillero, who almost had his arm torn off by a Los Maños novillo, who came back after along recuperation and cut two ears off of a Fernando Peña novillo. Wouldn’t it be a great moment if he now realised that life has been good but it is now time to retire?

So, what about Alejandro Gardel and Angel Tellez? Their novillos were weak, manso and very difficult and although they did the best they could trying to convince the odd impresario to give them a contract for the coming season (maybe they should realize that a faena of ten passes values more than a faena that goes on and on) they didn’t. Another advice I would like to give them is too remember evry time they are in front of a bull, that these are extremely dangerous animals and to forget that, could well end in a hospital bed.

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Fotografia de Mateo. Tauroimagenplus