9 October 2018, Festival. Dia de la Tauromaquia, partly in aid of juvenile cancer research, in memory of Adrián

Plaza almost sold out. Bulls of different ages (in between October 2013 and July 2015) for: rejoneador Fermín Bohórquez (Fermín Bohórquez), Enrique Ponce (Daniel Ruiz), El Juli (Garcigrande), José María Manzanares (Núñez del Cuvillo), Román Collado (Juan Pedro Domecq), Alvaro Lorenzo (Daniel Ruiz) and novillero Borja Collado (Fuente Ymbro). It started at 6 pm. and finished at 9 pm. Rain

The refined, classic rejoneo by Fermin Bohorquez, who opened the festival, was a breath of fresh air compared to the loud nonsense we see so often in rejoneo nowadays. Fermin ran one of his own bulls, a strong animal which gave excellent chase. One rejon, four banderillas and a pair of cortos an estocada and a petition got the veteran the first ear of the evening.

Ponce’s toreo was empty esthetics. His Daniel Ruiz bull fell over at the first sight of a capote, took one pic and deflated. Even so, for more than ten minutes Ponce made us believe we were seeing something incredible. The crowd believed him and after an estocada brought out everything white to wave and awarded him with two ears.

When El Juli’s Garcigrande bull entered the arena, his horns were five centimetres shorter than nature had made them. Julian performed one of his typical Lopesinas with the capote and the bull fell over. It would have been a great faena had the bull been stronger because the animal showed great nobleza and bravura. Still, a typical Juli-estocada, two ears and… a lap of honor for the bull?

Manzanares’ bull stumbled on the sand and should have been sent straight back. The faena was a collection of movements but the estocada got José Maria one ear.

The Juan Pedro Domecq for Roman was the first to stay on his feet. He gave the young Valenciano enough opposition to make us sit up and notice. It made a difference to see a strong bull. A good pic was followed by a varied collection of capotazos in a quite.

Roman gave us an excellent faena. He ended his performance with two pinchazos and an estocada but was rewarded a trophy.

A sanitary stop forced me leave my seat in the palco de prensa (an excellent and dry refuge against the downpour). I got back just in time to see a great faena by Alvaro Lorenzo with the second Daniel Ruiz bull. His sword needed no puntilla and the young matador walked the ring with two ears held high.

The novillero Borja Collado pulled out all the stops for his appearance with a Fuente Ymbro novillo: porta gayola and several largas cambiadas on his knees. (Again, look it up in the taurine dictionary.) Once into the faena, the bull only permitted passes on the right horn. His charges then shortened and became dangerous. A good sword got Borja the ear.

At 9 pm it finally stopped raining. The festival over, we left the plaza and went home happy.

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