Another pleasant October evening in Valencia

Wednesday 9 October. Novillada picada. Six novillos from former matador José Luis Iniesta – alternativa in May 1998, Madrid, Las Ventas – well presented with an average weight of 450 kilo’s. The first three (including the substitute) extremely weak and falling over at every occasion.

Novilleros: Fernando Plaza, new in this arena in a brick red suit and gold with white trimmings, José Fernando Molina from Albacete in dámasogonzález and gold and local novillero Miguel Senent Miguelito, who wore grana and gold. A lovely summer climate in October and two hours and forty minutes of interesting spectacle.

Forget about Agualimpia, a nice little black bull who opened the ball. He was not too strong, had a shaven right horn and stumbled through his performance. Fernando Plaza could do nothing but one short series of right hand passes.

Number two, Azucarero made it clear from the moment it entered the arena, he didn’t want to be there and very happily followed the oxen when they came to fetch him after a green flag from the president. Novillo 2B, called Estornino, went to the cape well but fell over twice after the picador’s pics. Molina tried, but his faena was very much affected by the weakness of the novillo.

The novillada started with bull #3, Joyero, who reacted well to the cape, took two pics and stayed on his feet during the tercio de banderillas. Although he protested at the muleta, Miguelito managed to produce a nice series of derechazos and some equally interesting  naturales. Although his sword went slightly to the side, the local novillero was awarded the first ear of the evening.

Novillo number 4, called Pantero2 was a dark brown animal who reacted well to the first cape, took the pics in his stride and didn’t flinch at the three pairs of banderillas. Fernando Plaza started his faena with a series of low, sweeping right hand passes and as the bull didn’t favour his left horn, the faena was constructed over the right side. His faena ended with a series of kneeling manoletinas while the defective estocada and two descabellos lost him the ear.

Carnero, novillo number five was a strange bull with difficult, unpredictable charges, who sent a poor monosabio to hospital when he couldn’t get to the burladero in time. To everyone’s surprise Molina understood how to handle this type of novillo and managed to construct a nice faena on both horns. His sword went slightly trasera but it still got him Carnero’s ear.

Miguelito was slightly outwitted by Pamplinoso, novillo #6. Instead of dominating this lively animal who pushed hard into the peto protecting the picador’s horse, he tried an esthetically pleasing series of passes which didn’t work. His bad sword handling lost him the second trophy and a chance to leave thorough the Puerta Grande.

The band played the regional anthem but by now everyone had left to catch the metro.

Still, a very pleasant evening.

Crónica de Pieter Hildering

Fotografias de Mateo.Tauroimagenplus